Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Payne's 9th Birthday Party

This past Sunday, Payne had his ( belated) birthday party at Plainfield Aquatic Center. It started out as a perfect day, but of course by the time that we got there, the pool was closed due to thunder:( No worries, though!! We brought the party inside to eat cake and we were about to reschedule for next Sunday, but yours truly decided to convince everyone to stay and swim that day. I just didn't want all the kids to be upset. So after almost two hours of waiting, we were ready to swim!! All of the kids had a blast and we stayed until closing, which by the time we got in, was really only about 3 hours. Even Emma got in and loved it! She even made a "friend" in the baby pool....... a "boy" friend:)!!!!! I was just surprised that she got in at all since she is usually terrified of pools, or hoses, or anything other than a bath that involves water. But I think it helped that they have all those shallow sections. After her nap, I had to fight her out! I didn't get many pictures, well, because we were at a pool.......I was in the water for most of the day. Here are a few that I was able to get, though. Happy Birthday payne!! Birthday boy!

Payne and his guests

Lakin taking a snack break... everyone was STARVING!!


Gavin, eating icing....


Emma.... isn't she cute.........

Emma catchin up on her zzzzzzzz's.......

trying out the water

wait a minute... maybe this isn't so bad

Actually, it may be kind of fun!

dawson... trying to givve his "good" smile. He-he

Aleyah and Lakin

aleyah eating cake

RUN!!!!!!!!!!! Wait.. no running in the pool!!!!!!

Alexis having some nachos

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