Thursday, June 11, 2009

Brooke's 3rd Birthday party

Just some pictures from Brooke's ( Vern's niece) birthday party last Saturday. Michael and Gavin
Lakin and Brooke

Lakin in her new leatard

he's such a dork:)

me trying to get a picture of Lakin and Emma together.... this baby just NEVER wants to cooperate!

I know... not the most flattering picture, but I thought she just looked funny:)

As you will see, in almost every picture, of every kid, there is food on their faces.... oops

Emma's little dress was just so cute.... I wish I could have got a better one of the girls together:(

Chris ( Vern's brother), Kizzy and Brooke.. the birthday girl!!

brooke and her daddy

Chase taken Lkain for a ride on his 4-wheeler..... to cute:)



Lakin, Brooke and her neighbor, Ella, hiding from the " monsters" in the tree...... can you guess who that was?

Emma, mostly, but that's Brooke and Lakin in the back:)


Brooke showing Emma how to break it down to the eagles

Birthday Girl!!!!

Brooke, Emma and Lakin

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jamilee said...

awww that's nice that you got a shot of dowen getting poision oak :) good pics though! i love the one of the girls under the tree!!