Tuesday, June 2, 2009

May 28, 2009... Happy Birthday Lakin Ann!!

here are some pictures from Thursday, Lakin's Birthday day. The first few are of her after we got home from the store. She needed cake for her on her birthday AND her party, so we headed to wal-mart. Well, she just couldn't wait to eat one of the cupcakes, so since it was her birthday, I gave in and said just one:) Surprise, surprise, she wasted most of it.....

smooooooochhhhhhhhhh.........These are pictures from that evening, after daddy got home. This is the cake that she HAD to have, the she ate about 1 bite of and smeared all over her face.
goofy kids

You can see the stems of the flowrs that her daddy got her. She was SOO excited!! She squealed and said " flowers for me!1 Mama, look, my flowers!", then she pulled them in, closed her eyes, took a big smell and grinned.... so freakin cute!! I wish I could have got that on video. It was priceless:)This fork thing just isn't working out....One afternoon this week, I was looking for Emma. She was being VERY quiet, so I was calling her name and looking all over the house. I checked the laundry room twice and didn't see her. Finally, she made a noise, so I went back in. Before I just sort of glanced in, since there isn't anywhere to hide, I figured she'd be right there. Well, the door was closed a little, so it was in front of the wall where the dog food bowls are. This is how I found her.....

The girl is terrified of water hoses and pools but she'll try to swim in the dogs water bowl:) Silly girl.

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