Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter everyone!! I hope everyone had a marvelous day:) Ours turned out pretty well, a little hectic, but it was nice. Next year we know to do the pictures first... before all the dirt and crying babies!:) Anyway, we had a nice afternoon with Jami's family and Tracy and the kids came. We had a really, really yummy ham, that we were a little concerned about since Jami got a "cooked" Cook's ham ( he-he Jami) with the bone in and I had never use a bone-in ham. It was a good thing she's kind of a little, ummmm, sloooooooowwww... sometimes:) It was one of the best ham's I've ever had... yeah us!! Of course, it would have been nice if it was a tad warmer, but I guess compared to last year, we shouldn't complain. Anyway, here are a ton of pictures of the kids the night before coloring eggs and of Sunday afternoon.

Egg Coloring:

Emma couldn't color eggs, so she occupied herself playing with plastic eggs

Easter Morning:
The girls and their matching bunny jammies

Easter Dinner:

Lakin and Aryssa

pretty little Aryssa....

Ava... she's so funny:) She cracks me up!!

Ava playing with Emma's binky.... she'd put it in her mouth then make that raspberry sound real loud. To funny!

Jami and Eric

beautiful Lakin Ann in her cute, cute, cute, Easter outfit!!

She wants out so badly:(

Lakin being confetti-ed... thanks, Jami for the confetti eggs ( which are still all over my floor:) )JUMP Dawson!!!!! This pretty much says how all of the kids looked for eggs.... at a complete run!! This explains my lack of very good pictures:)

I think everyone got confetti-ed except for Jami and Eric.... of course, Jami was the one doing the breaking of the eggs.....hmmm......

Our attempt at taking a group shot. It was cold, no one would cooperate and Emma was screaming...FUN!!!!

Vern and Tracy

Some pictures of me with the girls..... please ignore the rather albino looking skinElizabeth and Byron

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jamilee said...

i love that picture of you and lakin kissing soooo cute :) i did confetti eric, silly, there's a picture two up from where you left that comment. you're right abut me though, i didnt get one :)