Monday, April 6, 2009

Emma's Birthday Party

Well, it's been here and now its gone:(....... my baby's 1!!! I will admit, I shed a tear... or two. Anyway, thanks to everyone who made it to the party and for your wonderful gifts! Here are some pictures, even though I didn't get many ( I never do at my kids' parties). My brother was able to get a few of Emma opening presents, but I'm going to have to figure out a better photo strategy when it comes to my parties:) This video is of Lakin singing her sister Happy Birthday.... I thought it was a good start to this blog.

A little pre-party hangin out:Ava, just chillin' Birthday girl!!Ava... crackin up!! Jami and I had to double team on the cameras for this shot:)Awwwwww......Emma and Ava sharin a laugh:) :) Alexis and Emma

The party:


Emma and Uncle Chris

Michael and Gavin

The Easter Bunny.....:
.... and Byron
..... and Ava
..... and Aleyah ( and me)

..... and Alexis

..... and Taylor
After party:And finally......
Poor baby was SOO tired but she refused to lay down and take a nap. I finally gave her a bottle ( she hadn't had a full one all day!!) and she just couldn't make it:) She's nver fallen asleep with a bottle before..... she just couldn't hang on any longer.

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Anonymous said...

if i had know that she would make it that long then I would have waited to dress up as the easter bunny and got to watch her open her gifts. lol that is to cute