Thursday, April 16, 2009

Emma giving " kisses"

Here are some video's of Emma giving "kisses". She doesn't actually give you a kiss, she just makes the "smack" noise. I just L-O-V-E it!!!! It's just so darn cute, I don't even mind not getting an actual kiss:) You can just barely hear her making the noise, but on the second one it's more noticeable, I think. I have been trying to get kisses from her for months and so far have gotten exactly two:( She thinks it's so funny when Vern and I kiss and we'll do it while holding her, just to see that big ol' grin. Of course, I have to make an extra loud "smack" noise, so I can get a giggle out of her, too:) She also really likes to be hugged by daddy while being held by me.... a group hug. She's so funny, I just love her to pieces!!!!! She started doing the noise herself one night when I was kissing the kids over and over again, trying to get her to give me one. This is what I got instead, but I guess that's okay, because, like I said, it's adorable!!

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