Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Years!

Well, I hope everyone had a happy New Years!! This is actually the first in , well, a lot of years that I have actually been awake. Originally we had planned on going to Jami and Eric's but both he and Vern had to work New Year's day and Eric worked New Years eve night. So instead they came here. Tracy and jason also came over.... and that's it, because we have no friends:( But that's okay. Anyway, we had pulled B-B-Q chicken, some gross cheeseball that Jami swears is good ( chipped beef...ewww!!!), and some desserts that nobody even ate. Jami and I slowly drank some Vodka and orange juices, and were able to get a small (very) buzz. That didn't last long, though because not only were we eating but we decided to play the Great Outdoor Challenge on the Wii ( thanks Tracy) and we sweated it all out.... that was quite a work out!! Then it was time for the pre-ball dropping show. Midnight came along with 2009 and then we all went to bed. I was tired!! Of course Emma woke up at about 1:15, so as far as sleep went, I didn't get a lot. Jami and I made breakfast the next morning and everyone went home or to work. Fun, fun!! It was sort of dull, but better than my previous celebrations I guess. Maybe next year we can come up with something better.... maybe Jami can get married on New Years, that would be a fun party!! Anyway, here are some pictures from our night and our day.

I couldn't resist!

Emma eating Ava

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