Monday, June 21, 2010

lakin's 5th Birthday party May 29, 2010

Thanks everyone for coming to Lakin's party!! She got lots of gifts and she loves them all!! This was the debut of her new VERY short haircut....and we'll just say that there were mixed opinions. Personally, I don't like it and want her long hair back...she looks 10 years old! It is her head, though,and this is what she climbed up in the chair and told Katie she wanted, so this is what she got. Sob, baby is growing up :( I'm hoping I can convince her to let it grow back out, so by her 6th b-day maybe we'll see it long will take awhile to get back to the length it was, though..we cut off nearly 10 inches!!!'s the photos from her party, of course they aren't in order, but I still can't move my pictures around once I get them uploaded...sorry!!

This is the only picture I was able to get of the two of them together...and you can't even really see their outfits :(
WOW!!!! Look at all these new binkies! Thanks Aunt made Emma's day!!
Inspecting her binks....for at least the 100th time ;)

Emma showing Daddy all of her new binkiesoops!!! Her clothes are falling off!
Pretty Baby
Brooke....always SO serious when I take her picture
Ava's so funny....she has neve used a binky (still doesn't) but she walked around for most of the party with one in her mouth.....these BFF's have to share EVERYTHING!!

Aleyah and Lakin

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