Tuesday, June 15, 2010


This is "Coty". She came by this name because she showed up from the woods on morning and Vern thought she was a coyote. He tried to scare her away for a few days and we watched the little animals, but she pretty much never left...she kept her distance, though. After a few days, Vern and his employees came to the conclusion that it was a "dogote" or "coy dog"....I decided it was starving and that I couldn't handle it anymore, sooooooooo....I fed her....now she's here to stay. Not sure what she is..just looks like a dog, but she does have a lot of the charectaristics of a coy dog. She's great with the other animals, but still won't let us touch her. she keeps her distance still, although she'll take food from my hand and sniff my fingers, but I'm the only one she'll get that close to...she still won't let me touch her, but we are working on it ;)

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