Monday, January 25, 2010

Emma and Bella....our VERY laid back cat

This is just one of the many times that my darling angels ( including my husband) our torturing this poor little kitty. This cat was truly handpicked for us. Whoever dumped him/her sure knew what they were doing!! Bella puts up with everything!! She/he has the most laid back tempermant I have ever seen in a one has ever even been clawed! Jack, almost daily, pulls this cat around by his/her tail, yanks him/her off the couch...the toment from the dog is neverending. She/he just takes it like it's his/her duty in life.....maybe it is :)

Here Bella was taking a nice little cat nap in Gavin's game chair...only to be interupted by the most evil of my children :)

poor thing...not even opening an eye...

look at that face...." oh, dear lord, what have I gotten into?!?!"...

Emma finally got bored...and Bella is right back to sleep ! :)

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