Sunday, November 1, 2009

Vern's " Thank You" Party - 10-28-09

One day Lakin decided that she needed to have a "thank you" party for someone....and she decided on her daddy. " to say thank you for everything he does for us". I obviously could not say no to that. So the next afternoon we drove to walmart and bought a cake ( she voted for care bears, but mommy wanted the cheaper one), bought decorations and the noise makers and came home and began the decorating. We made cups, hung streamers and she made him a card ( that you wear on your head??). She picked out dresses for all of us girls because she says " you can't go to a party without a party dress". We ordered a pizza and had daddy pick it up. Lakin and Gavin hid and jumped out and yelled " surprise!!!". No surprise that Lakin wanted to skip the pizza and go straight to the cake, but mean ol' mommy said no...which the response to that was "but I'm the boss of the party!!". After cake we HAD to dance ( which daddy opted out of)...then mommy got to clean everything up because by then Lakin was "tired of the party" :)

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