Sunday, November 1, 2009

Caterpillars - 10-25-09

I noticed a caterpillar on Sunday when I was getting all the pumpkins ready for carving and was a little bummed that I had just laid Emma down for a nap, because the last time we saw one she was so excited!! She just laughed and squealed and crouched down and stared. She would look at me occasionally and just smile and talk Emma talk...almost like " wow, mom..look at this thing!!" Lakin is almost as excited about them, though, so she came out with me to see it. After that I found now she had two!! Of course, she won't actually touch them anymore unless they are rolled up into balls, so she would poke them until they did. Then she would carry them to her little "pile". We ended up with 7 caterpillar balls;) When Emma woke up she came outside with us and when she saw one of them crawling on the sidewalk she did her squeal and " look mom!" smile.....until she realized it was crawling toward her.....then she froze, mid crouch....and started screaming!!! She just stood there frozen and crying until I picked her up....I guess she didn't think they were quite as neat this time!:)

Gavin joining in on our caterpillar hunt

lakin's final pile....minus one:)

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