Sunday, July 12, 2009

Our 11th of July party...

The party went on..... without the wet t-shirt contest;) The rain finally stopped for us...right on time. Things were a little rushed to get everything set up after that, but we got it done. Our guest turnout was pretty slim compared to what it usually is, but to all of you who were able to make it, thanks for coming!! I didn't get as many pictures as what I did last year, and none are as good, but here are a few. Sadly, I only have one of the babies together in their oh-so-cute outfits, and it's of their butts. They were both sleeping when everyone started to show up and they both left not long after, so we didn't get much of a chance. We'll just have to dress them in them again, just to get pictures:) The girls looked SOOOOOOO freakin' cute, as you will see, and so did the boys, even though, gasp!!, Gavin wasn't cooperating for pictures.... he's so hateful sometimes:)

As many bad things that have gone on this week ( this is definitely a year I will ALWAYS remember... for all of the negative things that have happened), the party turned out pretty good. Of course, Jami and I can usually always have fun together:) And we did.... thanks to potato salad, silly girls, and go-carts.....which we got stuck...after LOTS of mud:) This may be the last year we do this, according to Vern. He's decided from now on we are using the money for a vacation.... but we'll see. This is my favorite holiday, after all, and I don't know of anyone else who has fun things for me to do!! Who wants to watch fireworks in a park??? Actually, lots of people.... but not I!!! I guess the 4th spent on vacation every year wouldn't be to bad either. There are always fireworks in other states:)

The pictures are backwards.... the first ones are toward the end and the last at the beginning...

Please ignore the crazy girl in the back:) Me and my sister-in-law, Ericka

Our neighbors, Jacob and cody and their two girls Isabelle and Sophia

My sister in-law and mother in-law.... Kizzy and Harry

Jami and her prince

Apple's anyone??

Aryssa got it...with only a little cheating;)


Another cheater....


This is Gavin's friend Michael, from school.... he was the only non-cheater:)

The blond girl is my neighbor Katie... I'm not sure who the other kids are

Little miss Brooke...

Isabelle, Coty, and Sophia

Coty and Isabelle

She's so pretty!!!!!!!

Xavier with his favorite aunt... little brat:)

Me and Rachel... not the best picture of us..

Brooke, Kizzy and Tracy


ummmmm..... go Cloverdale????

Just a completely random picture.....

Tracy, my sister in-law, me and Jami

Me and Jami

Kizzy and Brooke


awwww... pouty little Lakin. She's so cute!!!!


Gavin and Emma.... niether one wanting to get their picture taken

Well, at least we got a smile out of him....

Me and Lakin

aryssa, Jami and Dawson

Aryssa, Dawson and Lakin

Emma hangin out with her dad....showin off her shoes:)

So cute......

He refused to smile........

the babies and the most adorable diaper covers EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dawson, after riding a go-cart at our failed party last weekend:)

These next three are of Emma and her favorite new thing... climbing on the kitchen table. Now our our chairs are laying on the floor because she won't stop climbing. I guess she was pretending to eat:)

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