Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Emma Grace

As everyone who reads this knows, Emma grace is here! Of course, I whimped out this time around and got an epidural to get her here, but man was it great! If we do this again (and we have time, of course), the epidural is definetly happening again! I never imagined it would be that great! Anyway, Emma is doing wonderfully! She's sleeping, eating, sleeping, pooping (usually while sleeping),and eating some more. That's pretty much her day. the past two days, though, she has been more alert for longer periods of time. She's gained 7oz. since Thursday, so she is back up to her birth weight, but she's eating 3oz every 3-4 hrs. She's the best eater that I've had! Another thing about miss Emma, unlike the other two, who actually prefered to be left alone, she definetly prefers to be held. Maybe I'll have a child who isn't completly anti-social? Yeah, I doubt it, I think that may be the only dominant gene I posess. She's not quite as ugly as she was when she came out, but she's still not cute, exactly, she's just a newborn. With this one, we're just going to have to wait and see, she's kind of a mis match of everyone....the mailman's maybe? She has super long fingers and toes, not to mention arms and legs. But Lakin did, too. i used to call her's monkey arms. Lakin's were plumper, even at 1wk., then Emma's, but I'm sure she'll put on the fat soon. She has almost no butt at all, which is the exact opposite of Lakin's which started at her neck and ended at her knees. Emma's is like, an inch long. Her big brother and sister are doing great with her! Gavin is completly in love! He just can't get enough Emma! " Can I hold her, Can I hold her?" is pretty much constantly being said by him. Lakin loves to tell everyone about her, but is pretty indifferent to her for the most part. She's sorta borderline obsessed with sticking something in her mouth, but other than that, doesn't pay her much attention. Daddy is back at work, full force, which of course is good ( money) and bad ( my help is almost non-existent). Note to self: if we do do this again, don't get pregnant with a baby that will be due when work is picking up. I'm lucky to see my husband before 9 p.m. Which basically translates to VERY long days. I'm just going to enjoy the next month and a half before school lets out, because this summer is going to be dreadful! I was really looking forward to long days at the beach, Lakin's at a good age for all the fun stuff, but now.... not gonna happen. Thanks Vern! really, it was his fault, this time he carries all the blame! But now that she's here, it was worth it, our summer just won't be as fun. Well, that's it for now other than I'm so constipated it's unreal!! The bowels just refuse to move on their own! It really sucks....just HAD to share that with everyone, I'm sure you appreciate it. Oh yeah! I have the beginning of a hip bone! I haven't seen my hips in, like, 5 months! How exciting! Enjoy the pictures!


Kathy Watts said...

She is so beautiful

Becky said...

She is very pretty. I need to know all her details for my family history information. Also, for safty sake because I had some work done on my computer, could you send Gavin & Lakin's info to make sure I have it right.

Love Ya,
Aunt Becky