Monday, March 31, 2008


So did everyone have a spectacular weekend? I hope so! I went shopping on Saturday because I was having a serious case of the pregnant blues ( hormones are lovely!) and we all know that there is nothing quite like shopping to cure a downer. For me that usually means buying clothes for my is my passion, addiction, obsession..... so what that she dresses better than I do, it is so much fun!!! With spring here, the outfits that I LOVE are endless, and I just really can't say no. However, this Saturday was supposed to be for the daughter in my belly, so I was in baby shopping mode. That lasted about 20 min., then I made my way into the toddler section. It was all over from there. It doesn't matter what it is.. shoes,panties, socks, shirts, dresses..... well you get it, and I have to have it!!! I have to!!! I think that I may have a problem, don't they have counseling for this kind of thing? I just can't stop!! My bags were quite big and quite full, and of course I just couldn't wait to show off all of my great new "baby" things to someone! Unfortunately, my husband doesn't have a lot of interest in the clothing that are children wear (which most of the time is a blessing, he doesn't know how much I actually spend! shh!!...), so I didn't have a very interested audience. I showed him anyway..."uh huh, uh huh, yeah, uh huh" no interest at all. Didn't even notice that after I separated the three children's clothes into piles ( remember, I was going BABY shopping), that Lakin's was practically falling over, where the other two just had a small , well, you couldn't even really call it a pile. I sorta felt guilty! I swore that I had got more for the baby! Where did it all go? I honestly don't know what happened... she really hardly got anything at all!! I didn't even get the right sizes, so quite a bit is going to have to be then I won't like it anymore anyway, so she'll probably end up with even less!! But Lakin's clothes are soooooo... cute!!! I haven't seen her in any of it, except one outfit ( which was great!) and to get her in that I had to bribe her with the promise of a bath. She loves clothes, when we are leaving, but is impossible when it comes to trying them on. I just can't wait to see her in them all!! Now, I'm not going to neglect my new daughter, her time will come, and I will be in a constant state of stress choosing which daughter to buy for. That is the wonderful thing about having a boy, especially one who will only wear t-shirts and basketball shorts and pants. That is why I actually wanted darling Emma to be a boy. then I never had to worry about the stress of dividing up the clothing! Lakin could have it all! I'm just not really that impressed with the newborn girls clothing that's out now, but it was the same with Lakin. When she gets into the 12 month clothes ( assuming it's summer) her closet ( wait, she doesn't have one...), will be overflowing, too. Anyway, I have some pictures that I took last night, for no reason, except that my children ( mainly my weirdo son) wanted pictures of themselves falling. I don't know, the oddities of children... thought they were funny, well, sort of.

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newborn girls clothing said...

I don't know, the oddities of children

hehehehhe. so true...