Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Coloring Eggs

ahhh.... the tradition of coloring eggs! I remember doing this, but for some reason I remember it taking time. Of course, maybe I'm remembering a time from when I was older, and being a girl, I imagine that each egg had to be just right. Well, not so with my kids. 14 eggs were done in about,oh, 10 minutes. Of course after they were done, we didn't have very happy children, so back into the colors they went. Lakin kind of just "plopped" her eggs in and by the time we were finshed, the red and blue dye were no longer in the cup, but on the table. She was fond of one particular egg, and would "plop", pull out, hold dripping in her hands, then " plop" back in. That egg had a lot of brown undertones from being put into so many colors. But it was a BEAUTIFUL egg! Gavin was a little more careful, but each egg was dunked in multiple colors at least 5-6 times. He, at least, managed to keep the dye in the cup. By the time the third cup was no longer standing, I had to call it quits. I do think not touching those eggs so they could dry was one of the hardest accomplishments both of my kids have ever achieved. But then we got to do stickers!! what fun! By the time it was all said and done we had 12 eggs left ( well, 11 , with no cracks), to find the next morning, so I had to pull out some plastic ones, too. They had a wonderful time, and Lakin's ready for "egg painting" again. Already can't wait for next year!
Went to the doctor today...35 weeks, not long to go! Whet ahead and did my Strep B test, which for those of you who remember, was really very simple and painless. A quick swab of the cha and " dungeon". I, of course, have never had this particular test done before because normally they do it at 37 weeks, and I have never made it to that point. I have officially been "strep B swabbed"!!! I was imagining all sorts of tortorous devices ( particuarlly the metal "openers") and being in stirrups for ever, but nope! Not even stirrups are required. We did a quick check of my cervix, since the good ol' Doc. seemed a little nervous with the 4 contractions I had in about 10 minutes of talking to him, but all is well. I'm only dialated to about 2 and I'm " nice and long", his words there. I am officially a fat ass, topping the scales at a forever indisclosed weight. It is very easy to say that I have NEVER been this heavy before. None of you will EVER officially know the number!!! But, I will say that I have gained 1 more pound this week (oh joy!) and have officially gained 19lbs! Which, I've been told, is great.....hmmmm. I ask you, what's so great about gaining 10 lbs in 2 months???? I know, I know....it's good for the baby. It's easy to say when you don't have to worry about loosing all that "good" weight for the baby, after she decends from your womb. I don't want most of this weight to be " baby" eathier. No way would I ever look forward to pushing anything over 7lbs. out of this passageway. This one should hope ( as should my delivering doctor...and my husband) that she follows along with my other darlings and stays in the 6lb. area. Anyway, I'm officially still fat as a whale, and will probley continue to be for the next two weeks. Everyone be prepared for another little Ridgway ( who I have no high hopes of actually resembling her mother) to be seeing us soon! But those of you attending this weekend will get to enjoy the humor of seeing me waddle one more time. And oh yeah, don't forget to check out my cankles!! They are glamorous! All reddish, purpleish, and very, very, cankle-y! I love 3rd trimester pregnancy!! ( and the vomiting of 1st and half of 2nd)
On to other more exciting baby news!!!! Ms Jami and her lovely other half have produced us another girl!! She found out just today and there is excitement all over ( well, Daddy would have prefered a boy, but he'll come to his senses!). She, of course, will have short lived excitement, because her weenie ass will, no doubt, be on bedrest within the next month or so. I do not believe that the state of pregnancy is for the likes of her. Compared, mine has been a breeze!! But I do have to point out this one tiny little thing, but only because I'm such a loving best friend....her jeans are to tight!!! Not just in the belly....worse....in her butt!!!! I like big butts.....he, he, he!! I can't wait until she has a big ol' swollen belly, but at least there will be some proportion with the weight gain in the "trunk" so she doesn't fall over. Ahhh... she is so lucky to have me, don't you think? But at least I'll have someone to loose baby fat with, but by August, I really hope the majority of mine is awol. Not to mention, she will most likely endure another c-section, because she has to be drama, drama, drama, and will have a long, miserable recovery, so that will give me even more time to have the weight gone. I guess I could just get really, really fat in that time and use her as an excuse to wait to loose the weight. After all, my hubby is overly confident that I will be back to being "skinny" within, like, a day. He wants me to , ideally, be back to the size I was when he met me. Which I can assure you, will not happen, if I need to remind any of you, that was about a size 2 (with give). I haven't been that small since BEFORE I had Lakin, but I guess he can hope. Wouldn't he just be devestated if I come out 4 sizes bigger!!! Poor man, poor disillusioned man. I'm sure he'll be willing to hire a personal trainer or pay for care while I go to a gym..... oh wait, wrong husband, I better get my magic "weight" wand ready!! I love that man so much! Unfortunatly, I doubt I'll have the energy to wipe my own butt for a while, let a lone exercise. Let's just hope it's mostly water and after birth, because we know it's not my boobs, and it better no be this child!


jamilee said...

youre funny, a bitch, but funny, hehe. at least the "good ol" doc didnt tell you you had a big baby. no wander i'm feeling glorius litle movements i expected to feel in another month. and as for the swollen belly, it's there. oh you'll see sat., it's huge! you'll loose your weight quick you always do!!! we didnt do eggs this year i didnt feel like messing with it. bad mom yes i know. hey btw if you get that personal trainer let me know :)

Cherlin said...

Interesting to know.