Tuesday, November 8, 2011

We're HOoooommmme!

This picture has nothing to do with the Virgin Islands....I'm just so happy I was actually able to grow a flower :) I definitely don't have a green thumb!! :)
                                                                           We Made It Home...
and with all of our limbs intact!  It looks like we made it home just in time, too. There has been flood advisories almost every day since we've been home! Once again...we lucked out going during hurricane season ( which reminds me..I need to call our travel agent back!). 

We had to wake up at 4 a.m to get to the airport on time and Gavin begged us to let him stay home the entire way there. He dragged his feet alll the way through the airport. He whined. He pouted. He did everything but stomp his feet. But he got on that plane and smiled a huge grin and laughed. He loved it. He and Lakin both did great on the plane! Lakin got a little whiny over her ears, but not to awful...I think she was just ready to get off..that second part is 4 hrs!! No one slept on the plane, but Lakin was so sleepy that she fell asleep on the "taxi" (open side bus) on the way to the hotel...and that thing is BUMPY! The first time I rode it 2 yrs ago, I thought I was going to fall out!

Check in went fast and smooth...but there was a mix up and we were in the wrong room ;( We spent 1 night there then switched the next day. Unfortunately, we had to pay to upgrade to the 2 bdrm, but there were no 1 bdrm's available...it was worth it though.

Other than that and a few other inconveniences ( the floating dock got destroyed from winds from a hurricane in June, the restaurant was being remodeled..etc)..everything went great! The kids loved it. I think a 3 night 4 day would have been perfect for them, because that's when we started to hear the "I'm ready to go home's".  We were all ready by the time we got to the airport!  The trip from St. Thomas to Charlotte went perfectly ( except they made us check our carry-on..this became a problem later).  However..our flight from Charlotte was supposed to leave at 10:06..which is already late...it didn't leave until 12:30. The kids were tired and freezing..we were dressed in our warm weather clothes and the things I brought to change into were all in our carry-on :( It was awful.  Both kids crashed on the plane after barely avoiding a meltdown form Lakin (shew!!)...and we made it to Indy. Poor mom and Emma had to drive around in circles for an hour at 1:30 in the a.m. waiting for our plane to get there! It was 3:45 by the time we actually made it home. I'm just now starting to feel normal again :)

I'll post pictures soon...probably this time next year..lol.  Now it's time to start planning the next vacation! We're thinking a house on the beach in Michigan for a week this summer....any suggestions on good places to go??  Vern REALLY wants to do a big family thing..but last time it didn't work out so well :( Any takers this year?? I need DEFINITES only!!!!!!! We don't want to get stuck with a house that sleeps 15 and it only be the 5 of us...again.

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