Thursday, July 15, 2010

4th of July 2010...7-3-10

We skipped our "annual" party this year and had a small cookout instead to save money....all those fireworks and food get REALLY expensive!! Hope everyone had a great 4th!!!
I guess the fireworks were to loud for Aleyah :)
Tracy helping Emma hide from the "booms"
Rachel and Payne...they bailed before the fireworks :)
Emma's face says it all here! She was so scared of the "booms' her daddy was making...she looks like she's ready to jump off Jami's lap!! :)
Lakin & Aleyah

what can I say...Josh is a closet woman beater :)
Josh and his new girlfriend Audry
Emma & dawson chowing down
pretty, pretty Gracie

Emma finally gave up and came inside...
Alexis, jami & I
me & Aleyah...she looks a little scared ;)
I'm pretty sure this is the only time during the night that Gavin came out of his room....he's sort of a loner

Aleyah and her daddy

Lakin & Aleyah
Emma and her "dedo"

pouty Emma......

poor professor was so scared of the fireworks...he hid out in a hole in Gavin's shelf :)
hmmmmmmmm....don't ask

here Tracy....our "annual picture" :)

" dada STOP! "

she's just so darn pitiful!!

I told her to "show me your pretty clothes!"....I guess she thought I said "pick your nose " ????


Tracy & Jason

The "chef"!!

my pretty lemonade :)

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