Thursday, October 29, 2009

Virgin Islands 10/10/09 - 10/24/09

Sooooooo...St. Thomas, Virgin Islands......beautiful, awesome, warm, friendly, amazing!! If any of you ever get the opportunity to visit this island, I would Definitely recommend it!!! We will for sure be making a return trip in the upcoming years!! Like most islands, the "towns" were pretty run down, pretty slummy, actually. The beaches, though, were spectacular!! I don't think that we saw one that wasn't just amazing. If you like to snorkel, this is the place to!! Some of the really good places, I was to scared to go out to...they were pretty far out, and I'm okay not going into those sharks territory!!:) I did swim through a swarm of jelly fish on St. John and I was done at that beach!!! The food was expensive compared to here, but I did not eat one meal that wasn't super have a pretty long wait for it, but it was always worth it. I would definitely recommend renting a spend a day's car rental in one day on taxi's...easy. Plus you get the added bonus of being able to drive wherever you want, just beware of the local drivers and the roads...they are crazy!!!!

The mosquito's were swarming me....literally. I had masses of bites...I literally looked like I had some weird foreign disease!! The backs of my legs were terrible!! If I would have counted, I guarantee there would have been over 20 bites...easy. There wasn't a body part on me that didn't have bites...even my butt and feet were immune!!:)


The door of the BEST chocolate in the world!!! I'm hoarding my very expensive chocolate so I can can have it longer since I don't think I can convince Vern to fly me to St. Thomas for a wknd. when I run out.....I guess I'll just have to pay the $30 shipping!!:)

These are pictures from the allies in Charlotte Amalie, which is the port area for cruise ships and basically the "hub" of this island. I tried to convince Vern to let me do some shopping at Louie Vuitton (sp?) and he was okay with that until I told him what a pair of shoes would cost...even tax free;)

These pictures were taken from someones parking area at their house. I say parking area because that's all that most houses are able to have. Almost all of the houses are built into the side of theses hills, which are very steep, so there isn't uch room left for the cars to park...this one is actually above the house....which was a VERY nice house;)

These 4 pictures were taken at Sapphire Beach....which is a very pretty beach. I'm actually going to look into staying there if we ever go back, but it was more crowded than Secret Harbor, and I don't really like that.


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