Monday, February 25, 2008

Manufacturers Mistakes!

Okay, I had to put these pictures of Lakin on here. We bought her a Dora trunk full of dress up clothes for Christmas this year. Of course I knew she would just LOVE it!! The age on this said 4-6yrs. So, even taking into consideration that

my daughter is slightly larger than the average 2yr. old, I figured that they would fit, evn be a little bit big. Obviously, as you can all see, I was wrong. There is no way that my baby is as big as the average 6yr. old girl! Am I in denial here? It has to be a mistake on the makers part, right? RIGHT? Tell me I'm right!!! Is my little girl going to be a 7ft. tall amazon? Will she never be able to wear heels? She will slow down, right? I just really don't think she's that big ( I can shop in the girls section now, though, (xs 4/5) on some things.....) I guess I can just hope she has an awesome athletic ability, which she will not inherit from her mother, who can barely walk w/out tripping over her own feet.... WNBA anyone?


Kathy Watts said...

She will grow out of this. Remember they say you was just like that. There is always 6x

Aunt Rachel said...

Where is Gavin? I bet he would look cute in Dora clothes!!!

jamilee said...